How to Make an Applique Kite Using a Ruler

How to Make an Applique Kite Using a Ruler

Kites are the cutest bit of applique you can add to your quilt block. The best part is making them without a template! Only a ruler and a cutting mat with grid lines are needed. Here is how to make an applique kite! I’m using Minki Kim’s Cottage 10″ Stackers in this tutorial!

How to Make an Applique Kite Using a Ruler

Measure and Cut – Read through the post before cutting!

You will need to determine the size of kite you’d like to make. I wanted a larger kite for my 5 1/2″ block with some room for the embroidered tail. The size of the finished kite is 7″ from the top to bottom, by 4 1/2″ at the widest section.

Consider the direction of the pattern before cutting, and you are only using one 90º angled side of the piece you cut.

Look at your fabric on the grid line. Make sure your straight edge will place in the center, in the right direction, and printed side up. Change the line to the other point, flip the fabric, whatever you need to do to ensure the right placement.

Cut a 3″ x 6 1/2″ rectangle. Then cut a 3″ x 3″ square. For color variation, a solid or light print works well with a busier print. Cut the rectangle and square on a grid line.

Seams are 1/4″. Place right sides together and sew the two tails and the two 1/2 triangles.

Press open the pieces gently, pressing the top seam to the left and the tail seam to the right.

Sew the top to the tail, lining up the seam. Press open and cut the extra seams off. Lay the interfacing on top of the kite and pin it in place.

Cut off the interfacing around the kite. Sew on the top. When you come to the bottom of the tail, stop the needle so there is 1/4″ on each side. If you go too far, it’s worth picking out, or the kite interfacing will be hard to turn at the tail point.

Using a stitch ripper, carefully make a 3″ incision in the middle of the kite through the interfacing but not through the fabric! Make two small cuts so it looks like a little cross. Do not get too close to the points, especially at the bottom, or the interfacing will not lay flat. Turn the interfacing to the back. Press until flat and neat. You are ready to add it to your quilt!

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