The Best Way To Organize Embroidery Floss Pretty And Neatly

Storage for Embroidery Floss Wooden Spools

One of the messiest boxes I have in my sewing room is my embroidery floss box. My daughter had a brilliant idea for storing her embroidery floss, and it was quite attractive. Here’s her idea of the best way to organize embroidery floss, pretty and neatly.

Look familiar? While the little floss bags, helped, the thread was not neat and organized, and not a bit pretty to search through.

Wooden Spools for Embroidery Thread

The simple solution is wooden spools! These wooden barrel spools can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. Use the 3/16″ size. The pretty storage boxes are also at Hobby Lobby, size 7″ x 4.49″ x 1.5″. Perfect. The box holds about 28 wooden spools.

Wooden Spools Used For Embroidery Storage

It’s easy to neatly organize the embroidery floss. First, start with untangling your floss, if needed. If it’s new floss, keep it smooth and straight and begin to wind around the spool.

Wind Embroidery Thread on Wooden Spool
Wind Embroidery Thread on Wooden Spool

When you’re finished winding, pull the last length of the floss to the top and pull it in under the lip of the spool to secure. This is how most spools of thread come when purchased. This keeps the floss nice and neat inside the box.

Label Wooden Spool with Embroidery Color
Organized Wooden Embroidery Spools

Label the embroidery color with a permanent pen. Hobby Lobby frequently has these pretty storage boxes 1/2 off, as well as the spools. You can organize several storage boxes of floss by type, weight, color, etc. You can get quite creative with using pretty labels for the boxes.

How beautiful! You now have neatly organized embroidery floss, and pretty storage too! I hope this inspired a new look for your sewing room.

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